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     Cindy’s lifetime of experience with horses and scientific training fuel her interest in the biochemistry and physiology of the healing process. Holly’s years of racing and eventing along with her amazing “hands on education” from Dr. W.H. Wright and Lana Dupont Wright give her a unique “horse person’s” approach to getting horses back into competition form.

Together with our qualified staff, the Attiva Team will work with your Veterinarians
to design an appropriate Rehabilitation Plan for each individual horse.

Case Study #1

Jason has been part of the Attiva family for over 10 Years.

     In 2008, an ethmoid hematoma was identified in Jason’s head.  Since then he has had four major sinus surgeries to remove masses.  Jason is Living Proof that Attiva’s Program is Successful for Rehabilitation from Major Surgical Procedures.

At 19 years old, Jason is still competing and enjoying an active lifestyle.

Equestrian Rehabilitation Wellington
Equestrian Rehabilitation Wellington

Jason Competing in Atlanta – Summer 2015

“Whether it is keeping a horse competitive or rehabilitation to get them back, it is a team sport and you couldn’t ask for a better team member than Cindy.  Early recognition, great communication and practical care/treatment are the things you can expect.  Jason’s longevity is a great example.  He continues to do what he loves to do because of Cindy’s expertise and dedication.”
Dr. Eric Parente

Case Study #2

Bella Exemplifies Attiva’s Commitment to the Health of their Horses.

     Bella had an acute corneal flare up in 2010 that was suspicious of an Equine Herpes Virus 2 infection.  Since then, she has had chronic problems with immune mediated keratitis.  Bella has had two surgical procedures performed on her eye. A keratectomy was performed in 2013 and a cyclosporine implant was inserted in 2015.  The health of Bella’s eye is dependent on constant correspondence with her ophthalmologist, ongoing topical eye medication, and intermittent anti-inflammatory medications.

Bella still has sight and competes in the Amateur Jumper Division.

Equestrian Rehabilitation Services Wellington

Severe Corneal Inflammation

Equestrian Rehabilitation Services Wellington, FL

Healthy Eye

“Bella has an ocular condition that is very complicated and can fluctuate on a daily basis.  Careful and constant observation has been crucial in maintaining Bella’s comfort and vision.  Cindy and Holly’s dedication to Bella is the only reason she still has vision.  During the initial phase of Bella’s ocular problem, the eye was painful and she had developed extremely strong muscles to keep the eye closed.  If a horse is resistant to topical treatment, it can greatly affect the ability to treat the eye and increases the risk of injuring the eye during treatment.  Amazingly, Cindy gained Bella’s trust and confidence to allow the necessary treatment several times a day.  I could only hope all my patients would receive this 5-Star care.”
Dr. Susan Carastro

Case Study #3

Attiva Farm works diligently with Veterinarians to carefully monitor the Healing Process of each Horse.

     Soft Tissue Injuries are very common to equine athletes and can be career ending.  Attiva has extensive experience rehabilitating horses from superficial digital flexor tendon, deep digital flexor tendon, suspensory, and inferior check ligament lesions.  Most of our patients have recovered completely and returned to competition.  The images below show the healing of a Front Lateral Suspensory Branch Ligament.

Regenerative Artemis Laser Therapy was used to aid in this horse’s recovery.

Equestrian Rehabilitation Services Wellington

Ultrasound: Original Injury

Equestrian Rehabilitation Services Wellington, FL

Ultrasound: 6 Week Follow Up

Equestrian Rehabilitation Wellington

Ultrasound: 10 Week Follow Up

“Holly and Cindy have years of experience and provide meticulous hands-on care of their equine patients.”
Dr. Brendan W. Furlong

Attiva Farm Equestrian Rehabilitation Center

Equestrian Rehabilitation Wellington

Attiva Farm – Barn Entry

Equestrian Rehabilitation Wellington

Attiva Farm – Covered Arena

Equestrian Rehabilitation Wellington
Equestrian Rehabilitation Wellington