Attiva Laser LLC is proud to announce a mobile Regenerative Laser Service in the Wellington area.  This exciting new Artemis Laser by Epica is now available to help your equine athletes heal quicker and better than ever before. The ability to regrow damaged tissue in a healthy way will change medical care in a profound way. Epica™ has developed a new therapy called NRT™, Noninvasive Regenerative Therapy. As the name suggests, NRT™ is a way to regenerate and even remodel already scarred tissue back to a normal healthy state completely non-invasively, without pain or side effects but with tremendous efficacy. Talk to veterinarian about the potential benefits for your horse.

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  • Please upload any image or diagnostic files that you feel would be helpful including but not limited to ultrasound and MRI images of the affected area.
  • Is there any further information regarding your patient that should be considered?

Thank You for taking the time to fill out this laser therapy request form. Please remember that Attiva Laser LLC must have a veterinarians prescription to administer therapy. If you have any further questions or concerns please contact Cindy Harrington 561-254-9043 or

By Veterinarian Prescription Only

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Cindy Harrington 561-254-9043